Below are a few excerpts from the premier read of the Washington DC Book Club for women. Anyone care to comment on their favorite passages?

Excerpt: “She has read Around the World in Eighty Days until the Braille is soft and fraying; for this year’s birthday, her father has bought her an even fatter book: Duma’s The Three Musketeers.”
Comment: How times were different. Marie-Laure receives a material gift only on birthdays.

Excerpt: “At midnight, he and Jutta prowl the ionosphere, searching for that lavish, penetrating voice. When they find it, Werner feels as if he has been launched into a different existence, a secret place where great discoveries are possible, where an orphan from a coal town can solve some vital mystery hidden in the physical world.”
Comment: Anything is possible. It doesn’t matter from whence we come. We are indeed all created equal.

Excerpt: “On the morning of her eleventh birthday, she wakes to find two new packages where the sugar bowl should be. The first is a lacquered wooden cube constructed entirely from sliding panels. It takes thirteen steps to open and she discovers the sequence in under five minutes.”
Comment: The beauty and brilliance in how Marie-Laure’s father educates, opens her imagination and sharpens her senses in the absence of her vision.

Excerpt: the chapter entitled Vienna that reveals when Sergeant Major Von Rumpel discovers the story of the prince who could not be killed and the Sea of Flames: “He looks up. Suspended lamps, rows of spines fading off into dusty gold. All of Europe, and he aims to find one pebble tucked inside its folds.”
Comment: Herein lies the loop that ties the two characters together.